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13 Mar 2003
hm... I'm new here, which should be apparent since I posted in this forum^^;; Not so good at introductions.. never know what to say >_<

But a little about myself, ok, hm..

I'm your typical white otaku o_o... I've gained various nicknames such as pocky or gae lan(egg) from my Korean friends~_~ I've always seemed to be interested in Japan slightly and have always loved anime, although when I was younger I couldnt tell the difference between something like bugs bunny or samurai pizza cats^^;

But in the past years I have grown increasinly interested in Japan, and just go crazy with anime and manga^_^. Got my own anime site and trying to build the community, which is good since I may gain people skills! I live in a deprivity of human nature... im anti-social... noooo T_T

/me edits

And these smilies faces are so kawaii >_<
Hi Kikuchiyo, welcome aboard! I just visited your page. It's very impressive, don't forget to submit it to our directory. I liked Spriggan too.

don't get too lost in anime.....there's a whole world of J-stuff out there not anime related... :D

and remember, I know Nothing.... :D
Konnichiwa Kikuchiyo-san!

Welcome and Hajimemashite. I like Spriggan too. I have all Manga of Spriggan. Of course I like Ghost in the Shell. I like all Shirou's worls(Shirou Masamune is the original author of Manga GitS).

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