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2 May 2003
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Well, I just signed up today and before I'll go to bed now, I post sth about me. Well, I (female) live in Europe/Austria to be exactly in the west part of it - together with my parents and two brothers -.-
I had the link for this site long time saved in my favs but I never looked back here (dunno the reason why ^.^v )
But I really like this site a lot. Great pics and links ^___^
I like everything about Japan (honestly, the good and even the bad things about it!) especially movies (Audition, Go, Hanabi, doramas,....) and music (Baroque, Laruku, Glay, Mucc, Lusia,....so more the Jrock and Visual Kei but also Pop like Chihiro Onitsuka, TBG, Yaida Hitomi,....)
oh, and I'm addicted in searching/saving good pics about Japan and Japanese people ^_^ *nevercanhaveenough*
gotta go now
oh, and I'm 18 - since last friday 👏
hiya milkyway and welcome. audition was the most disturbing movie ive ever seen. i remember finishing it and just sitting there going what. that poor poor man. anyway enjoy the forum laters :p
Konnichiwa MilkyWay-san!

Welcome and Hajimemashite. Yoroshiku ne!🙂

Hallo MilkyWay, von mir auch noch ein herzliches Willkommen! 🙂

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