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High School in Japan - Financial Aid? Please help!


18 Jul 2004
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Hello everyone, my name is Lynn and I'm a 17 year old guy. I'm currently enrolled in an intensive Japanese program that's 11 hours a day except weekends, for 1 year. I'm about 2 months into the program right now. I just graduated as a Junior from High school, which means my Senior year is currently on hold so I may do this program (yes I'm the youngest in the program).

After this program, one has enough working proficiency in Japanese to seek residence in Japan or attend high school/college.Therefore, after the program the head professor wishes to send me to Japan to do my senior year of High school. The main purpose of this is to learn vocabulary and obtain knowledge of things I wouldn't otherwise be able to know (i.e. Learning science, politics, history, etc in Japanese and being able to discuss it in Japanese).

I'e had the opportunity to talk to a person who did this exact same thing last year and he highly reccomends it. The problem I have is that the intensive program I'm currently enrolled in costed $30,000 plus living expenses. Needless to say neither me or my parents have too much money left to afford Japan. For specifics, the high school is located in Sapporo, Hokkaido. Tuition would cost $100/mo, living expensives ~$400/mo (host family), plus transportation and misc. X10 months (Japanese school year). I've been told it shouldn't cost more than $10,000, more like around $6-7,000. I realize this is extremely cheap compared to what it could cost..But after 40,000 on this program there just isn't cash left. So I was wondering, does anyone know of any scholarships or foundations willing to support me in going to high school in Japan?

For more specifics: The program I'm enrolled in is a credited course at Cornell University (40 credits for the 1 year, woo). Anything required like transcripts/reccomendations could of course be provided.

If anyone could give me any help at all I'd greatly appreciate it! Also, if anyone has any questions or comments, please ask.

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