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Hideto outfit ^.^


21 Jan 2003
Yahoo ^.^

It's a little Umi 🙂 , and I have a fundamental question.
I am a fan of J-Musik for a long (very long) time now...and yesterday, I thought, "where do the Musician get their clothes from?!"
I mean...ok...perhaps stylist, designer (whateva)
But my question is, "are there any stores where you can buy, for example, ~totally mixed coloured Hide-jackets~.
I am a big fan of Hide, and I like his outfit. But in Germany, I couldn't find such flashy coloured stuff.

Well, I hope somebody is as weird as little Uminotori *XD.
There are shops in Japan that sell goods to Japanese Visual Kei bands, but that's mostly the gothic-look stuff.

As far as I know, you can only get those cool hide outfits at the LEMONed SHOP. I'm not sure if they ship outside of Japan and you have to be able to read Japanese.

Oh, and you need to have money to burn... :)
ThanX soo much....

I can read japanese (ok...not many Kanji...but some)
And I go to Japan for 1 year this year....so...I just need money ....


Hey there.... well, there are a few places in the UK that sell gothic stuff that with a little work can be made to look like j-rock music. As for Japan, there's ID Japan I know who actually design clothes for various bands (you can buy the outfits but at IMMENSE cost!) and make there own more affordable gear. Their website is
I noticed you read a japanese so you'll be okay but the first time I looked at this site I couldn't read it and made my way around easily.. now I can (but no kanji!!) so its even easier.. I'm sure you'll be fine! There's also ba-tsu which Kyo from Dir en grey designed some clothes for and their web site is

I hope some of this has helped! I dress visual kei as much as possible, but even living in the UK, its really hard to look more than just goth.
ThanX so much.....^.^
I will check the addresses soon.
Yes, I know the problem.
Everybody see you dressed with black clothes say "oww..look sheツ´s a goth" >_<*
But I hope in japan they understand my way to dress *haha*
Yeah, i like them too. But they probably won't have them in my size anyway. :box:
I love loads of the clothes.. but all the ones I liked had "sold out" next to them.. evil evil evil! Also, size XL Japanese T-shirt (I got a dir en grey one) is only about a size L max our size.. so L japanese is only about a medium.... I'm a tall (5'8") and.. well.. lets say voluptuos woman and the japanese are quite small chested so its very likely I won't fit in anything! Going out to Japan in May so might have a look and see what fits me!
i never new ID made some of Dir en grey's outfits!!? 😲
i have been to that site a few times and never noticed...? but are people able to order from there?? do they have a store in Japan?? because im going to Japan very soon and i would like to go there!? i always wanted to know who made Dir en greys most awesome costumes! i would want to buy one for myself..much money,but o well..the best cosplay ever! it would almost be like having their real one! ::woot:: :D
I don't know about any "diru store" *haha* but I've kinda insider tip for you (if you are in Japan but short of money..and you are definitly when you stay in tokyo ^,^) ..when you are in Harajuku..on that highstreet...where all the shops are located etc. ...at the beginning (after coming out of station) you'll see a Mc. Donalds on the left...so turn right into a sidestreet..it looks really scary like a dark alley *haha* but at the end..you'll find sooo great gothic loli etc. clothes...and the best "50% off" ..I don't know why but there seemed to be really no difference to the one you can buy at the other shops..so..
You can cosplay. I cosplay because I live in Norway and here you can't buy anything visual kei-ish. So I began cosplaying in 2002, I'm a BIG fan of Dir En Grey and Hide. I have cosplayed quite many of their costumes. It's really funny to!
You get that kind of stuff on Melrose avenue I live like 9 minutes away from there so it's no problem. Try looking for online shops of the Melrose shops.
You can get glasses and jewelry ( Necromance ) you can get shoes. everything is here. very very high fashion.
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