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26 Aug 2003
searching for hide lyrics in kanji. i have been looking from anywhere, but i just can't found -_-''' anybody knows where i can get? and now i mean computer-written kanji, not from booklet scans or something.. i mean, i really don't control those marking's places on keyboard and it would be veeery slow to write them ^^''
hmm you should try to specify more about the artist (so many ppl called Hide in this world :p) let's see for L'arc hide.. I have a site where you can find Lテ。rcs Lyrics in kanji
Kurai's Translations
then ... a site only of Hide lets see.... nope I don't seem to have any I hope I was of any help.

umm. hyde is the one who was in l'arc~en~ciel... i'm searching for hide [hideto matsumoto], that one who was the guitarist of x-japan. hide, the god of japanese rock, the legend, pink spider, ever free angel, the LEMONed master, fuschia flame... so many names given to him. but, thank you anyway. ^^'' i'll keep asking, if somebody knows where i can find those kanji lyrics.
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