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24 Mar 2004
Does anybody know where I can get the karaoke tracks to

In Motion, Ever Free, Hurry Go Round and Junk Story?
I may be wrong, but I'm fairly certain that they didn't release karaoke versions of those songs. In fact, I've never seen a hide karaoke, buuuut~ >_>;
They do make them. I have Rocket Dive, Tell Me and Pink Spider karaoke tracks.

All the tracks are supposed to be on the singles. But I have trouble finding the original singles. And if I do find them, they're really expensive
In Motion hide CD Maxi

That has In Motion karaoke.

TELL ME hide with Spread Beaver CD Maxi

Tell Me karaoke

ever free hide with Spread Beaver 8cm CD

ever free

Amazon | ピンクスパイダー | hide, Spread Beaver, hide, hide, Spread Beaver | J-POP | 音楽

Pink Spider ;)

HURRY GO ROUND hide with Spread Beaver 8cm CD

Hurry Go Round

Now... those are really quite cheap, and their page says few left in stock so you'd better grab 'em if you're interested. I don't believe they made a Junk Story karaoke, but you probably know better than I do - I searched on Amazon, CDJapan and a couple of other CD sites for Junk Story and all I came up with was the album Junk Story from him, which didn't have any karaoke versions of anything on them.

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