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Hide guitar solo songs


7 Dec 2003
Does anyone know some songs with hide's guitar solo's in them? I was telling my father that hide was a great guitarist and he wants to hear some guitar solo's. I want to find a really good one to show him how great hide was, does anyone have suggestions?
Hum hum hum. Dahlia has a pretty good solo. And so does Tears if you're looking for a slower one. The Dahlia one's cool on this memorial Music Station video because he's sticking his tongue out and shaking his big fluff-ball of pinkness hair around...I couldn't do that if I was playing the guitar...:D
thanks I will have too look into it. I want to see the video, can I download it anywhere?
Hands down Kurenai. Amazing solo. Also if you can get "Monkey Science" by Siam Shade, I always really liked that solo.
I also vote for Kurenai... that solo is just awesome!!! and if u have the chance to show him the video it will be better 😄
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