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30 May 2003

Just a few words about me: I am Swiss, living in Japan now for more than 5 years.

I have a love/hate relationship with the Japanese language, especially kanji. I am studying Japanese with a mix of kumon's kokugo (Japanese for Japanese children) - soon starting elementary school 3 rd year (ナスO窶扼ツ青カ) - children's kanji drill books and Japanese reading practice for foreigners. I usually study everyday for one hour.
Hello and welcome aboard Hannah.

Let me guess from your name, you are from the German-speaking part of Switzerland, aren't you ?

Do you live in Japan ? Where about ?

live in Saitama with my husband and our two cats.

Was born in the German part, grew up in the French part and spent some more years in the German part.

Strangely, people tell me that I have a (Swiss) German accent when speaking English.

My father's side is Swiss German! ;)

Of course, they came here a long time ago, though.

Is your husband Japanese, hannah?
yes, my husband is Japanese. We speak mainly English together (Japanese once in a while). It's fair, because it is a foreign language for both of us.
My husband and I speak only English together too. For one, because I don't know much Japanese and secondly, he has to use English at his job everyday, so it helps him there. As for our children, he uses only Japanese when speaking to them and I only use English with them.
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