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Hi ^^


15 Apr 2003

Following directions and introducing myself ;)

Well, I grew up in Asia, although I'm in the USA now.
I came here, strangely enough, when I did a search for my own site, lol. I didn't find it, but I found this very cool one!

Anyway, this sounds a bit crazy, but what is really making me try to learn Japanese is my favorite band in the world, B'z. ^^ I don't even pay attention to lyrics in English, but for some reason...well, you get the idea. :p

Nice to meet everyone. :D
'ello Mura! lol, i got here about the same way... i've only heard a couple of B'z songs, but they were really good! anyways, i hope you have a good time on the forum!
Hi, Mura san.
I like B'z, too.😄
I used to listen to their cool albums every day in high school.
I grew up with their songs~, I can say that. ^__^
What is your favorite song?
I have so many, but maybe... "wonderful oppotunities".
I love the lyrics soo much and it cheers me up a lot.

Ahh! I've been having pc trouble and I haven't had a chance to thank you for all the kind welcomes!! 🙂

Thank you all, very much! ^^
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