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15 Nov 2002
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I tried writing this from work, but somehow I think the cookies on the machine there is wacked out....must be the security they have on their servers or something...

I was living/working in japan for 7years and returned back to the states....now working in the mushroom forest (silicon forest), where mushrooms = corporations that keep you in the dark and feed you bunch of BS all day long as you attempt to do QA testing...😄
but that's life in the mushroom forest... :D

used to be into anime until I got burned out....still watch some doramas, although don't have much time for that now...:sleep:

try to help people from time to time....but mostly trying to survive myself...

bout it... :D
den4 :eek:
Hi den4, thanks for joining and welcome to the forum! :)
Finally got the cookie issue resolved.... :eek:
den4 :eek:
Cookies and mushrooms don't mix... :)
Welcome to our world, Den4 🙂

Originally posted by thomas
Cookies and mushrooms don't mix... :)

Never been to Amsterdam, Thomas?
Actually, they mix very well. Just be carefull when adding alcohol.
Originally posted by Twisted
Never been to Amsterdam, Thomas?
Actually, they mix very well. Just be carefull when adding alcohol.

Unfortunately, I've never been to NL, but have a standing invitation by a friend living in Leiden.

Cookies... only the baked ones.
Mushrooms... only fried or with sauce.
Alcohol... neither shaken nor stirred.

Leiden. Lot's of students there, so there must be plenty of spacecake and mushroom cookies. :)

Back on topic though and @den4
I know someone that actually lives in a mushroom... or so he tells everyone.
some folks seem to have a misunderstanding here.....

mushroom = being kept in the dark and being fed all sorts of BS.... ;D

working in a mushroom forest.... :D

Actually, we did understand. We just had a spin-off conversation about different kinds of mushrooms and cookies. :)
cool....means that you all know more than I do... :D
den4 :D :D :D
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