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Hi to my fellow citizens of the world


12 May 2003

Hi my fellow citizens of the world,

I just joined the forum. I am originally a Persian/Iranian, but reside in the United States of America.
I have always wanted to know and learn about the profound Japanese culture. Back home, we do have a travel agency, and we have had a considerable numbers of Japanese tourists. One thing that I have come across more often than not, is the humbleness that do exist in the Japanese culture.
I am looking forward to get to know each and everyone of you, and hope to learn from you.
As for my hobbies, eventhough I am a law graduate, but I have always liked travel industry and its activities. I do enjoy mountain climbing, traditional and classical musics, as well as cooking. I also like philosophy and logic. Please feel free to ask me, or discusss with me, any topic which is of interest to you. Consider me one of your friends!

Catch up with you later,
Welcome Aryobarzan!

This is very good place to be on your spare time. Not just for Japanese relate discussion, but, also, to meat peaple from all over the world. Thanks to Thomas.!!

This site is getting big everyday.

I am Italian-American.


Hi Aryobarzan, welcome to the forum! 🙂

Yours is a truly beautiful country. I had to study Farsi in school for about a year, unfortunately most of my limited knowledge has disappeared.
Thank you everyone!

Hi to all members!

Thank you everyone for your kind welcome. It was nice hearing from all of you!

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