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Hi to all!


25 Nov 2010
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Hi everyone,

I just joined this forum as i'm interested in travelling to Japan in the next year or so, and I want to glean as much info as possible from this site!.

I currently live in Bangkok, but I think i'm maybe becoming a bit jaded with the place, don't get me wrong I feel lucky to be able to live there, but maybe its time for a change.

Anyway, before this get's too long winded i'm gonna start a new thread in the 'Japan Practical' section to ask some other Questions.

Thanks and good to be here!!!


Mars Man

Rest in Peace
28 Jul 2005
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Hello and greetings from the roof of Japan...the wonderful, fantastic, overflowing with the beauty of nature Japan Alps !! Now how's that for over done PR. Welcome ! I'm sure that if you ask the right questions, you'll probably get some right answers. BUT, before that, I would very strongly, with all my might, ability and know-how, suggest that you do some searching firstly !! The questions which you will more likely than not ask, will surely have been asked any great number of times, in the past.

See you 'round !! mm
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