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Hi to all!


14 Jun 2003
😄 😄

Hi to all! Sorry for my english, but i'm italian, Naples!!
I love all things of Japan, art, anime, manga, music, j-rock (Malice Mizer RUlezz!!) food, all!!!!
This forum is great, i'm 18 years old, i hope that you welcome me, i love you, i love japan, i love love love THIS FORUM!!!!!
A question: where i can buy (online) the Shenmue Ost??? It's fantastic! There is anyone that is italian like me here? Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!
Hi Shinjikari, welcome aboard! 🙂

I have moved your post into our game section.

I hope you enjoy your stay in this forum.

I am Italian, although i can be your grand-grand mother, as age concern, and lived in Naples for many years.

Your english is just fine. Not worry about it. We are here to share our ideas.

Tanti saluti,


🙂 :D :)
Hi cathy! So, are you italian? Wow! If i have any problem, can you help me on this forum? Where do you live now? Byeeeeeeeeee
Hi Shinjikari,

I live in Florida, a beautiful state!

Though I don`t think that you went to have any problem. Italians, the young generation like you, are very smart. I can say this cause i communicate with a few youngsters in Italy, and believe me you guys are bright!! Not to mention the many languages you know at such tender age.

You can e-mail me if you like.
don`t know the Japanese language, but this site is international, and if you have any problems or questions, feel free to post. It will be always someone who can help you.

I play games. Unfortunately, I don`t play Anime or Manga. I play Adventure, Role-playing, action mystery, and some others. If you need any special games, let me know. I also provide some games to collectors or just plain games to Italian gamers.

Did you find SHENMUE OST jet? If you don`t, I will look for you.



😄 ;) :D
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Hi Cathy!
I didn't expect to bump into YOU here!!!

You forgot to tell all the nice people you swim naked!!


Oh all you lucky folks... you are really lucky to have Cathy here!

(Oh... and NOT because she swims naked!)


Hi Raj,

I know you don`t resist staying away from here.HEHEHEHE.

And you have to state about my way of swimming??

My dear Raj, why you are so surprised to find me here?

Considering that I was the one giving you the link!!!!!

Well, nice to see you posting. I love to read them, no matter where you post..



🙂 :D :D 🙂 🙂 :)
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