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13 Aug 2003
Hi everyone,
Uhm, actually, I don't know exactly yet what this board is about apart from the fact that it has to do something with Japan. but that's already good since I major in Japanology at the local university for a short time. :)
that's a nice coincidence. I didn't even search for anything Japanese or japan on the net but was searching something about another topic and then got linked into a short discussion at this forum... and well, I wanted to post my opinion but had to register, so here I am.
Hmm... I have to take care of what I write because it's already 3.30 am, and when I'm sle,epy I tend to write long, weird non-understandable messages at which people who know me chuckle because they're used to it, and others are just confused.

oh, I remember the private message that said:
"We'd be glad if you introduced yourself briefly at the following forum section."

Yes, yes, I'm already trying to hurry. I'm 23, from Germany, studying as said Japanology for a short time (philosophy and prehistory as minor subjects) at the local university and... well... I don't know... I guess I will look at this forum here before I can write anything else but introduce myself.

It would be nice to meet some friendly people who are nice to discuss various subjects. :)

Yes, yes, I'm already done... sheesh, that introduction got already long... I hope that doesn't matter too much.
I hope you are all fine and have fun :)
Welcome Maji-san!
Cool! I too am a major in Japanese Studies in the University, but did Theatre and Communication studies as my minors.
Keep posting! :)
"yes yes im already done... sheesh that introduction got already long... i hope that doesnt matter too much."

Greetings and welcome. Heh, you wanna see a long introduction, check out mine sometime 8-p
you want to see a long introduction, check out mine sometime
I did. It made me feel better. ;) good, I'm not the only one with fast fingers and long posts. :)
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