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Hi! someone could please translate my name into japanese


20 Jun 2018

thanks to all for watching this thread, i'm looking for someone to translate my full name into correct japanese symbols.

some automatic translator give me this result :
Mathias -> マテイアス
Melly -> メルルイ

is that correct or should i write it differently!?

again thank you for taking time to show me the proper way to translate my name! by the way i love Japan and share my life with an Shiba Inu since four years ;) Greetings from switzerland to all with love!

Assuming that each of your names are pronounced in the most common way, these are the best ways to represent them:
Mathias -> マティアス
Melly -> メリー

Note that the way Mathias is written here is slightly different from what you had written, in that a small version of the third character is used. The size of that character affects the pronunciation.

If the pronunciations of either of your names are non-standard or not what we would expect, then you should let us know how they are pronounced so that we can provide a more accurate rendering.
thank you very much!!! i didn't know the size or character matters, my bad! pronunciations is very standard i thing! Melly sound exactly like smelly in english without the front S! and for the first name I know no different pronunciation, always the same, only the spelling of the word sometimes changes the way of writing with one or two T and the presence of H. but i mean mathias is same pronunciation here as the others form in Mattias, Matthias, Matias etc.
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