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7 Aug 2003
Hi Everyone

I am currently living in Sydney 窶 Australia 窶ヲ ^_^ 窶ヲ

The things that I like/love about/in Japan 窶ヲ 窶ヲ

Anime/Manga 窶 Tennis no Oujisama; Hikaru no Go (the ending is >_<); Slam Dunk; Furaba; etc
Food 窶 Chicken/Pork Katsu (with lots of sauce & mayonnaise); Sushi (most of the cooked variety) 窶ヲ =_= 窶ヲ I wanted to try Oden, but was unable to locate any stalls in Osaka City & Ikebukuro
Spring 窶 The sakura blossoms are really something else 窶ヲ beauty that is delicate, yet strong 窶ヲ

On the whole, I have really enjoyed my brief visit to Japan except for 窶ヲ human traffic during rush hours is unbelievable 窶ヲ I was at one of the underpasses near Shinjuku Station, when I turned around, I bumped my forehead into a lady 窶ヲ @_@ 窶ヲ 窶ヲ 窶ヲ general prices of stuff is quite high (fortunately, there are places like Book-Off & Mandarake)

Still I plan to visit Japan again soon 窶ヲ

Cheers 窶ヲ Mist ...

hiya akaikiri and welcome. glad you had a goodtime in japan. i hope to make it there someday as well as back to australia again, i really liked it there. have fun on the forum.
Hi Akaikiri! Welcome and Nice to meet you! Wow I always wanted to go to Australia! O_O Well, See ya around the Forum. 🙂
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