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10 Nov 2003
Konnichi ha Beluga!

Your Japanese is pretty good....just a couple of minor things.
もし間違うものがあったら is better just 間違いがあったら and 第二年 should be just 二年生です unless you want to specify junior high, high school, college etc in which case that would come directly before the year.
どうもありがとう、Elizabethさん。将来おしえてくれるをたのしにみています。。Does that mean, "Looking forward for you to teach me in future?"
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I'm not sure with the mojibake, sorry :sorry: -- but for that you just need to say "Oshiete kureru no wo tanoshimini shiteimasu." Arigatou.
Oops... Don't know why garbage still appears despite after numerous tries in editing them. I was trying to say "shourai oshiete kureru wo tanoshi ni mimasu". I guess it's better to be "shourai oshiete kureru no wo tanoshimi ni miteimasu.
OK--thanks for helping me out as well, beluga. I had forgotten about "ni mite imasu," does it have exactly the same meaning ? and there is also "ni motte imasu" while "tanoshimini shite imasu" (楽しみにしています)or "kureru no ga tanoshimi desu" (くれるのが楽しみです)are probably the two most common ways to say looking forward to something.
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