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hi! JIRENMA here :D


26 Nov 2002
I'm just chillin' in the forum. I'm managing my website and maybe I'll come up with some ideas (its not up yet.... but by Dec. 15 or so). Its an ALL JPOP / JROCK / INDIE website with some cool content. If anyone is interested send me a message, cause doing this alone is -crazy-!

Anyway I'm a college student and I'm going to study Japanese Language as soon as I get out of the college I am in now (LOL). I'm interested in Modern Anthropology -and Japanese music fits that catagory (according to my professor) so I'm leaning toward Jpop, but not exclusive to Kpop, and probably all other Asian music. I'm interested in it as a cultural thing -not as a business thing.

For Jpop -I like anything new. I usually check Oricon for updates on good music, and order a single or two a month... and a CD or two a month when I'm not in school.

^^' thats it- no more-
k? kmon!
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