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Hi!! I'm the very old new guy.

Grandpa Frank

21 May 2003
Very new to using the computer to meet people. I don't know what I'm doing or what all things mean on this forum. Please tell me if I goof up or if I need to do something in a different way.
For 3 years I have been building my home computer system and experimenting with software and hardware. I finnally got things running fairly good and figured it was time to try the internet. I have a long love afair with Japan and miss the country and it's people. To travel from Maine to Japan is more then I can afford so the internet is the best I can do.I'm 53 years old on the outside and a big kid on the inside.
Greetings and welcome. I'm sure you'll have no trouble at all navigating the forums.
Welcome to the forum Frank.

You might feel easyer if i tell you that you are not the older one. I am 61, and i enjoy this forum, even if i never been in Japan nor speak any of the language.

Congratulation on bilding you computer, now you have entered in hard area, since once you start bilding computers, you will never stop, you always liket to add more memory, better video card, and other hard ware.

My husband bilds computers for me, i have 5 of them. they are connected , all of them to one monitor and one key borard, with KVM switch.
I use my computers for bussiness, and adventure game playing, and couse, to come on internet

Nice to have you with us. Enjoy your staying.

Good day to you,


🙂 🙂 :)
Konnichiwa Frank D. White-san!
Hi Frank, welcome!🙂

Don't mind, here is the internet world and is unrelated to nationality, race, language, age, sex and etc. We are all equal in the internet world, even my English is not good.:D

Please enjoy the forum and join a talk of various posts.🙂

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