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Hi, I'm new...or maybe not!


8 Oct 2003
I was registered in this forum as "Kiryoku" about a year ago, although I doubt anyone will remember me from back then because I wasn't that frequent of a poster.
I had lost this forum for a very long time, but now I'm glad I found it again.
I'm back with a new nickname, and with a better understanding of Japanese.
I'm still a newbie, I'm taking my first exam on December the 7th, so wish me luck! :)
Those of you who are interested in the story behind my nick name can private message me anytime!
Feel free to do so even if you just want to say hi, I like meeting new people.
I'm very 😄 to be here once again, and I hope I'll enjoy myself here, and that you will not get bored of me! 😄
窶堋カ窶堙。ツ 窶堙仰!
Thanks Jeisan, I hope I will. :)
Thanks Iron Chef, I like making my own graphics, so if you want a gfx for a sig or avatar, all you have to do is ask! 👍
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