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Hi, I'm John and this is my story


12 Sep 2016
Hi guys!

Just signed up today and this is my story!

I'm an Australian from Sydney and have been living in Japan for the last 2 weeks on a working holiday VISA.

So just under 2 years ago (in Australia) I met my Japanese girlfriend. We lived together for 3 months before my gf had to return to Japan (her visa expired). We were together for 1.5 years before she had to return.

Anyways while we were together we organised my VISA for here in Japan and I was gonna stay with her family and so on!

She had been in Japan for a few months now. And I was getting ready to leave. We were talking, but maybe not as much as we use to. And told me I can't stay at her parents' house etc. But she still wanted me to come. So I booked a place at Airbnb instead!

Next I arrived in Japan, she was at the airport, all excited and happy! And helped me get a PASMO and move into my Airbnb place.
BUT that was the last I heard or spoke to her... She has cut me off....

I decided to still stay in Japan and not wanting to waste the oppuntiy of being here despite what has happened. I have come so unprepared because she was going to help me with almost everything!

But anyways I'm well over her and what has happened! And I apologise for my furture posts as I'm sure I'll be asking a lot of questions!


That's an all too common story. Except usually the break up occurs at least a little while longer after the foreign guy moves to Japan. Anyway welcome and enjoy your time in Japan. It will probably alter the course of your life. Or at least generate a lot of good stories, pictures and memories.
Sorry about your break-up, John, but enjoy your stay in Japan. And welcome to the forum!
Thanks for the welcome :)

And thanks guys, I hope I wasn't trying to sound like a desperate fool lol.

Wow really? I am abit releived to hear that actually. But you're right, I'm sure this will change my life for the better regardless!

Wow really? I am abit releived to hear that actually. But you're right, I'm sure this will change my life for the better regardless!

From what I've seen typical paths to Japan are based on one or more of:
a Japanese girl, love of Japanese anime/manga or pop culture, interest in martial arts, interest in language, U.S. military, unplanned opportunity comes up (like company assignment or education exchange or research fellowship or working holiday)

In the Japanese girl case, I think ending up with the girl that one first moved to Japan to be with is the exception.
We could probably have a whole section here on JREF titled "Love Gone Wrong" , LOL. My lost love was over 40 years ago and it's forever burned into my memory. Welcome to JREF and hopefully members and staff here can make your life easier.
Wow, what a crummy way to handle things! By her account she probably thinks she did the honorable thing by helping you get a metro card before abandoning you. Many of us have similar stories in one form or another, sounds like you're taking it in stride. Enjoy your time and feel free to ask questions, that's what the forum is for!
I think it was damned decent of her to at least go to the airport.

Can't help but wonder if this all fell apart because she never worked up the nerve to tell her family about him....
Welcome to the forum. Feel free to ask any questions you have and hope you can still enjoy your stay in Japan.

I do kind of wonder why things worked out this way, but understand that's a private thing.
Took my girl 6 months to work up the nerve to introduce me to her family. Her mom locked my girlfriend in her room and kicked me out , LOL. A few cartons of American cigerettes and a couple of bottles of Johnny Walker later , I was accepted.
Hahah well the way I see... If I hadn't met her I probably wouldn't of had the courage to do such a thing (moving to Japan). So I'm not in anyway regretting what's happened :)

Well to be honest, her mother use to send me gifts and we would face time her mother every now and then... But whether my ex gf told her mother we were together or not was completely unknown
In my experience, telling the father is the big hurdle.

Either way, good on you for owning the experience and making the most of it!
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