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Wanted hi. I'm japanese. I need vocalist in tokyo

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south dragon13

17 Sep 2019
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hi. thank you for reading.
i want to tell you something.
i'm Ryota nice to meet you.
i'm looking for vocalist who can sing in English. i'm living in tokyo.
my song is rock and pops. it has two taste. japanese taste and American taste. i like blues,UK music,and old japanese music,etc... anyway,i want to be famous. if you can sing in my band,i'm really glad. but first,i wanna know your voice. if you can write lyrics,i want to let you write. please hear my music. if you have question,you can ask me. if you are not interested,it's ok!! you don't have to reply!!
thank you for read my message. ありがとう

my English is not good.
sorry .
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