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hi....i'm going to seek for a cute japan or korean girl!!


1 Jun 2003
hi everybody....stomp your feet and move your body..just feel the beat in when you clap along.......hey...i'm a malay boy from malasia.......seek for a korean or japan...i know u are really cute...i'm a handsome boy..abd sincere with open minded....ok .Please message me...👏
Konnichiwa Malayboy-san!

Welcome and Hajimemashite. But sorry, I'm not so cute. And I'm not even a female.:D

Dear Malayboy,

Unfortunately, I'm neither Korean or Japanese. But I'm definitely a gal- a bispectacled one. Wish you good luck. Wish me good luck too - I'm looking for a Japanese boyfriend.
Greetings Malayboy for across the causeway!
Wish you luck in your quest to find a Korean or Japanese gal!
Oh... and Rosie, wish you luck too! :)
You must really love hooking up with people on the internet! Welcome and I'm Ami. Nice to meet you...! 🙂 So are you even interested with anything that's Japanese or are you just here to find a Japanese/Korean girl? :cautious:
Where's Nangi-san?


what happened to Nangi-san? He seems to have disappeared. Did anyone hear from him? :confused:
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