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Hi, I`ll introduce myself briefly.

19 Aug 2003
I am a danish girl / woman at the age of 42. I am seeking for my three younger cousins in Japan. My uncle once was a sailor, and he maried a beautiful japaneese some 30 to 35 years ago in a city called Amagasaki City, as far as I am concerned. My cousins are named Erik and Flemming and Arne. I would really appreciate it if anyone of you out there could help me or give any idea how to find my japaneese relatives.
Hello, welcome to the forum. their a good friendly bunch and if they can help I'm sure they will janne.

Huggy love, Rachel
Hello, there! Welcome to the forums, have a good time!

Wow, you're from Denmark? I love that country, it's great. I want to go to Arhus sometime, I hear its a really historic and modern city, kind of like Kyoto in Nihon (Japan).

Anyway, Amagasaki City? Hmm, that doesn't sound familiar, Hmm, maybe Nagasaki City. AIM me at HanadaTattsu, and I may be able to help.

There is an Amagisaki just NW of Osaka, on the way to Kobe. It is has a large JR rail junction, and recently, a new COSTCO has opened there, which is nice for me in Osaka. So it is a real city! Unfortunately, I'd have no idea how to go about searching for someone. Amagisaki city might have a home page, but I'm not sure how much might be in English. If you could some how send and email to some kind of Amagisaki tourism/visitor info site, I'm sure they'd find an english speaker who might be able to give you some answers. Hope that helps! Gambatte and good luck!
Can't spell worth beans!

I have a hard time writing Japanese things 😌 It is highly likely that the city would be spelled Amagasaki in Romanji (the Latin alphabet), and not Amagisaki. Then again, how would a lousy speller like me know?
Thanks for all the answers

Hi 😄
Thanks a lot for all the answers to my search.
I wanted to write to each one of you who answered separately, but I don't really know how this sort of forum works yet, sorry.
It has been more than 20 years since I had any contact to my aunt and cousins in Japan.
I just remembered that the adress was something like Hyogoken, Amagasaki city....or perhaps Amagisaki city ?.
(Kobe sounds somehow familiar)
It must have been a city at the coast / with a harbour....my uncle was a sailor....
Their family name is probably still Hansen, and there can't be that many with that danish name in Japan, or ???
Re: Amagisaki

Originally posted by thorgrimfile
There is an Amagisaki just NW of Osaka, on the way to Kobe.
Amagasaki is a major city in this area......although there still could be a Amagisaki as well?

I checked my map of Kansai (area in and around Osaka), and if Kobe sounds familiar to you, then Amagasaki (w/ an 'a') it is. Amagasaki does have some water front, and a large population (upwards of half a million), but seems to get lost between its big neighbors, Osaka and Kobe. Here is an English language home page put out by the city:


Unfortunately, in a quick check, I couldn't find any contact information on the English site. Do you have access to anyone who can read Japanese, and check out the Japanese site for you?

If that doens't work, have you checked with the Japanese embassy or consulate near you?

Hope this helps!
Hi thorgrimfile
Thank you for the suggestions.
I have tried the Amagasaki homepage and I didn't find much there. But the embassy or the consulate might be a good idea. I will try that.
Thanks for helping :)
hi! I was just searching for the phone number for COSTCO (the hypermarket that thorgrimfile mentioned) and this page came up. So I just registered a minute ago so that I could reply. I live in Kobe and have a friend who is a retired sailor. Just meet him last night at a party. One of his friends at the party was a Danish sailor but i did not catch his name. What is your uncle's first name? There are quite a lot of Scandinavians in Hyogo-ken (the name of the prefecture that both Kobe and Amagasaki are in) so I will ask around if you still have not made contact. You are welcome to come and stay if you ever have a chance to visit Japan. Vi ses!
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