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Hi!! Iツエm new!


Visual kei gyaru
20 Mar 2004
Ohayo minna!!!! 🙂 🙂
There is a few days since I register here... and finally I had time to introduce myself! :)
Well, something about me: I'm a 21 years old spanish girl. I love manga, anime, videogames, jrock, jpop, travel, read books, the ancient history (archaeology) and of course Japan! I like very much his history, his places, the language, the cook 🍜 and... well, all!!
I hope meet nice people here to share hobbies and talk!
And I think that's all!
Seeya! 🙂
Hi Yami !! Don't Forget To.....

post a picture of yourself so all us men can drool over you!! Don't be shy, we know you're beautiful!!


Thanks for the welcoming!! 🙏
I'm surprised to see that some of you post a few words in spanish! 👍
I'll try to post more!

Yo estudio(ed) espanol en el colehio para cuatro anyos, pero no soy muy bueno. Quiero ver a Espana.

Takusan-no Supain-go wasuretta.

Do you like the Spanish band, "Dover"? They rock!
Well ..even if i've never studied spanish welcome !!!!!
:joyful: :joyful: :joyful: :joyful: :joyful: :joyful: :joyful:
Thanks! thanks! thanks!! to all!!! :joyful:

Brooker said:
Do you like the Spanish band, "Dover"? They rock!
I hear Dover, I like some of they songs ^^

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