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Hi from Switzerland


10 Aug 2003
Hi @ all!
How are you doing? I'm writting from Switzerland and I'm wondering what's going on all over the world.:) Perhaps you can tell me? At the moment it's so hot here so I will have to go swimming... I really love swimming and sports. Well, I wish you all a great day and have fun!
Bye from Switerland.🙂
hiya swissgirl and welcome its been pretty hot over here lately about 104F (40C) the last couple of days. have fun swimming.
hi ya swissgirl

well i will give welcome from a newbie perspective as i am a newbie aswell, well from what i gatherd so far of this great and cool forum, you should have alot of fun!! and wheather here now that typhoon has gone is around mid to high 20's (celcius) i would find out exact wheather but at the moment my tv set is glued on TVB DAIFU which is on sky perfect tv and my father is whatching some chinese drama kind of like a popular japanese drama called HOTMAN (drama finished a while ago but my g/f used to watch it every thursday night!) any way have nice time here! 🙂
Hi and welcome aboard Swissgirl !

Which part of Switzerland are you from ?

What's your interest for Japan ?

I'm living in St.Gallen. That's in the east of Switzerland.
I'm interested in Japan because I've lived there for about 2 years. (Kobe)
Have you ever been to Japan?
Hello Swissgirl,
Nice to meet you. At the mo the weather in the uk is HOT !! You could fry an egg on a car bonnet over here at the mo ! Great for my tan but a pain in the bum for my washing machine.
Anyway take care and have fun honey.

Huggy love, rachel
Hi Swissgirl! Well, over here in California (The Bay Area) the wheater is great. No too Hot or Cold. Just warm. Welcome and Nice to meet you. So have you lived in any other parts of Japan instead of Kobe?
Konnichiwa Swissgirl-san!

Welcome and Hajimemashite. Kobe is neighboring city from my living city.:D

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