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Hi from San Jose, CA


2 Aug 2003

I've just joined to be a member of this forum. I hope to make many friends and learn about Japanese culture.

I love Japanese musics. I am a fan of Teresa Teng and collect her Japanese songs. I want to learn how to play Koto and I am currently looking for a Koto teacher in the Bay Area . I dream to live in Japan in the future and learn Koto in Japan.

Welcome aboard, orchid! 🙂 You have a lovely nickname.

Good luck with learning how to play the koto. ;)
Hey orchid! 🙂 I'm from the Bay Area! Welcome and nice to meet you. 😜 See ya around the Forum. 👍
Hi Ami !
Koto is a string instrument. It's long and has > 12 string . People lay it flat on a table surface when playing it. The player wears string picks in order to play it.

Here is a good website about Koto :

The Bay Area must have some Koto instructors because there is a large Japanese community.
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