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hi from Kochi


23 May 2002
hi i am an american woman living kochi, japan with my japanese husband and our 18 month old daughter, Ahmee Isabella. I have been living here for five years but hope to go back and live in the US again.
Hi Ryoma,

glad to have you on board! We're looking forward to your contributions.
welcome aboard!

Did the Yosakoi festival start yet? UP here in Sapporo the Yosakoi-Soran got delayed due to the World Cup Games.

Way long ago I saw the Kochi team 3 times when they came up to help promote their style of festival dancing.

just to say hi and hope you enjoy the forum as much as me😄

I'm a mother myself of two young children, and its hard work lol but we get there:clap:

🙂 Hello!
I found this site while I was looking for ways to learn japanese, and signed up because this is cool!😄 I enjoy learning new languages and the traditions and customs of different cultures intrigues me; so I think that this site will be very helpful.
I hope to engage in interesting discussions and hopefully learn a few things and meet new people on the way;) .
Hello Ryoma-kun! I'm also an American woman married to a Japanese man. We've been together 7 years and been married almost 6 and have 3 sons, ages 5, 4, and 2 years old.

I'm happy to see more of our kind hanging around here!

Welcome! ;)
Welcome fellow Kochi-an. You up near the City? I'm down in Hata. Good to see more Tosa folk on the board (I think we are the only two). Go Kochi!
hi there,
first off the yosakoi festival will be in august.
it is great to see an american married to a japanese here. if you are interested come and check out my website for women in bicultural marrigaes at 域名到期-域名续费提醒 and visit the forums there.
lastly, i live in kochi city and am not sure i know where hata is. how big a town is it? do you get to the city often? my daughter keeps me busy so i dont get to post here often but if you post a reply i will get a notice about it.
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