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Hi from Kansai!


Japan Travel Expert
18 Jun 2012
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Greetings to everybody in and outside of Japan from the boiling humid Kansai area.
I've been living in Japan for 5 years now. Originally I'm from Germany.
I'm quite fluent in English, German and Japanese.
I enjoy traveling throughout Japan, taking tons of photos and sharing them with others.
I hope my experience can be useful to other forum members. I'd love to help out where I can!
I'm not a travel expert, but I've been to quite a lot of places in Japan.
For those of you who like numbers and statistics: Japan has 47 prefectures and thus far I've been to 41!
I'm also a Japanese castle lover! Thus far I've been to 65 castles. My goal is to reach 100 some day!
I became interested in Japan back in the late 1980s (yeah, I'm ... not so young anymore, I guess) and started studying the language in 2002.
I visited Japan once before I decided to move, work and live here. I've been here ever since then.
Nice to meet you!
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