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Hi everyone..


Monkey Shogun
19 Nov 2003
Hi all, I just registered and got the PM saying to make a quick 'howdy' thread in this forum.....so ...here i am. :)

My name is Paul..im from england. I've been into japanese comics, anime, films, computer games and japan in general since i started secondary school. One of my dreams is to go and visit Japan. About a week ago the girl i was seeing moved to Japan for a year to teach english..so the oportunity to go over to japan is (hopefully) going to become a reality. 😄

I was hunting around the internet looking up good japanese language books/websites and talk radio to listen to when i stumbled over this forum.

Im hoping it will be loads of help with me wanting to learn japanese and it looks like a fun place to hang out.

See ya all around!! :)

Paul 🙂
Hi Paul ! Welcome aboard ! 🙂

Where about in England do you come from ?

So you are going to move to Japan as well ? You should, that's great here (in Tokyo, at least) ! 👍
yoroshiku to hajimemashite
fuo-ramu wo tanoshiminasai.

Agradable y agradable satisfacerle.
Goce del foro

Bienvenu et gentil de vous rencontrer.
Apprテゥciez le forum

Willkommen und nett, Sie zu treffen.
Genieテ歹n Sie das Forum

Benvenuto e piacevole per venirli a contatto.
Goda la tribuna.

Bem-vindo e agradテ。vel para encontrar-se com o.
Aprecテュe o forum

Welcome and nice to meet you.
Enjoy the forum.
Hi Porl , great to have another brit on the forums =D we will have a british empire soon !! where abouts in england do you live ? you have the same goals that i want too !
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