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Hi everyone,


24 May 2003
I was too lazy to introduce myself yesterday after that long ride to Meitou-ku, Nagoya but now here we go...

Well, now you know that I'm in Japan at the moment and my interest in this country should be obvious :)

My name is Hannes and I will stay here for one year working at Nagoya University (chemistry). Nevertheless, I hope to find some time to contribute to this forum.

BTW, why did you join this forum? (if there has been a poll or similar discussion just point me to it).

Many regards from Nagoya,
Greetings and welcome Hannes. Re: your question of why did we join, I can only say that I happened to stumble upon this place in one of my many search engine queries for a J-related research topic I was doing at the time. Best of luck to you during your stay in Nagoya.
Hello Hannes and welcome to the site.

I hope you having fun as i do.
Good luck on your job. Chemistry is very interesting subject since it covers and control all our boddy.

I am here couse it covers just about anything for social living.
the discussion are very intellectual, and clean, thanks to the administrators, wich they work hard to keep it up.

This site is the best on internet. You get to discuss with very educate people.

Enjoy your stay.

peace and serenity be with you.


🙂 🙂
Konnichiwa Halx-san!

Hi Hannes, welcome and Hajimemashite!🙂
Why did you join this forum? Because this forum is fun and interesting.:D

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