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hi everyone


29 Apr 2003
Hi I'm Saiyuki, actually nick, and as u can see, I just joined today. I found this board when I was searching for some info on the ghost in the shell innocence. Luckily I came across this board which looks pretty active. My interest includes working out, reading manga, and watching anime. My fav manga is GTO, which I highly recommend if u have not already read it. I also saw someone on this board with an Onizuka avatar who looks really into it. My fav anime is RahXephon and Berserk. Please fill free to ask any question u would like.
Hi Saiyuki, welcome aboard! 🙂

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hiya nick and welcome. that would be me with the GTO av. and its a really good anime i wish theyd hurry up and release everything so i an finish watching and reading it. also i just bought the 1st rahxephon dvd the other day and can say i like it so far. it was a good deal too came with a free t-**** and a cool little booklet about the cast all for $25. shirts kinda big though so ill prolly end up cutting the logo out and putting it on something else. seeya around.
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Konnichiwa Saiyuki-san!

Hi nick, welcome and Hajimemashite! I like Koukaku(ghost in the shell), GTO, RahXephon and Berserk too!🙂

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