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Hi Everyone...


27 Mar 2003
I'd like to introduce myself...

I took this off the other board I frequent...

Name: S. Chen (ChennehCis)

Age: 19 (Birthday is 02/12/84)

Gender: M

Location: Kobe, Japan

Interests: Glowsticking, Gaming, Music, Anime, Family, Friends

Favorite Book: Little Prince, Rich Dad Poor Dad series, Being Happy (It's
a book)

Magazine: Time, Maxim, Gaming Mags, Business Mags

Favorite TV show: Family Guy, Animes, Most Sitcoms, Documentaries

Musical Interest: Asian Music in General, Rock, Trance, Anime Music

Goal in the next 5 years: Graduate from college with a Business degree in my hand

Goal in the next 20 years: A Business Tycoon (When I make it, I'll sponsor this site )

What turns you on about the opposite sex: Face, Personality, Kindness/Sweetness

If I had a million dollars I would: 1 word: Invest.

I am good at: (I'm one of those ppl who get quite good at things without even trying. I learn pretty quick)

School (if applicable): Canadian Academy (An International School in Japan, although there are practically no Canadians in my school )

Work (if applicable): N/A

I am on glowsticking.com because: I love dancing, and glowsticking is one of the ways I can truly express myself. The gs.com boards are fun and ppl are so colorful in personality here unlike other boards I used to frequent.

My website/picutures are located: Look in my profile or go here:

Describe yourself: So I'm an ABC (American Born Chinese) a really nice guy, who will be there for his friends no matter what. Although not very outgoing, most ppl I know think I'm a good guy. I also have a great sense of humor according to many I know...

What do you do for fun? Glowstick, Hang out with friends, Spend time with family, Play Games, Listen to Music, spend time alone, reading in general, and watching/reading anime/manga.


Anyways... Nice to meet you guys (those who reply ;-) )
Greetings and welcome aboard! Great intro btw, I really liked the format you used to convey information about yourself. :cool: Those pics with you and the hella fast light trails are sweet! I'm not really familiar with Glowsticking but it looks like fun, heh. Anyways, great to have you aboard. Please make yourself at home and enjoy your stay. :cool:
^^ Yeah I was in Osaka (Under-lounge, a pretty big club by Japan's standards) But yeah, thanks for the compliments... I'll see you around the boards! ^_^
Welcome! I'm Keiichi (not my real name :p). I'm ABC also, and I'm in Hawaii. 👍
Looks like have a bday two days before Valentines. Mine's two weeks after (2/28). And no I wasn't going to be born on Feb 29 as there's no 2/29 in 1983. :)
Hi Chen, welcome aboard! 🙂

Originally posted by ChennehCis
Goal in the next 20 years: A Business Tycoon (When I make it, I'll sponsor this site )

That's good news! I'll do everything to keep this site up and running for the next two decades. :)
hiya chennehcis, welcome to the board. woohoo another GTO fan. glowsticking is pretty kool, ive whacked the dogsh*t outta my shins many a time. alot of my friends started doin fire chains in the last year or so which is really neat to watch. well seeya around.
wow! glowsticking is sooo cool!! i couldn't do it if my life depended on it, but it's sooo cool!! hi! and welcome! and i hope you have lots of fun on the forum!! whee~!!!
🙂 ( <...someone's in a good mood...;; )
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