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Hi everyone new member...crazybonkers


27 Jul 2002
Hi everyone! I live in the UK and have a site that is completely cartoon flash animation, I would like to eventually translate it into Japanese, do you think that my site would go down well in Japan and Korea. If you have time have a look and tell me what you think.


crazybonkers 👏
hi crazybonkers and welcome to the forum, I'l try and get your site up tomorrow again, its just not coming up for me at this time,
Hi Crazybonkers, nice to have you on board.

Wow, your web site is amazing!
Hiya crazybonkers,

Yeah, I'm hooked. Cut me in and we'll get you translated.
This is sh_t is crazy. I love it.

I've got even better ideas or your buddy. I you could find the right place, I bet ... that it could go far.

Where in the UK? I've got like 3 programming chat buddies in south wales, and up near Manchester.
Thank you for the feedback, glad you enjoyed it.
About translations窶ヲ just recently I was emailed by UBUnetworks asking if I would consider making a crazybonkers for Korean and Japanese audience窶ヲ I窶冦 not sure if it was a joke, or if they were serious, because after two or three emails, he stopped replying to my emails. Maybe he needs to talk to other people before he gets back to me! I窶冦 not sure. Q: have you heard of UBUnetworks in Japan?

I live in North London
no, haven't heard of UBUnetworks. You got a page addy for them?
Hmmm, if I were a sponsor so to say, I wouldn't stop emailing. Maybe you wanted too much money???

I think you got something there though, even though it's a bit might on the macabe though.

But then again, what's that macabe little girl character called? the one that seems to want to commit suicide all the time? ahh lol ... old age and forgetfulness.
We never talked about money in the email stage, I gave him a number to ring so we could take things further. Its intended to be a little macabre just like real life. I designed it to provoke and make people question human nature.

I have made several searches for UBU and nothing, I have found some telecommunications providers that I think I will contact, see if I can make someone interested in my ideas I have for death-row on mobile phones, discussing business proposals isn窶冲 really my thing, I窶冦 more into the creative.

Moyashi where in Japan do you live, and what do you do?
Thanks Thomas!

UBU might've been some freelance person who is/was searching the net for interesting things to bring to Japan.

Currently, this bubble like thingy with it's song has gone big and is now a fast growing item.

Many characters such as yours come and go but still, it just takes 1 time to be big and you've pocketed a nice amount of change.

You just have to find the right person / company.

I wish I had more creativity. Oh well.

Thank you for you kind words, and sorry for the delay in my reply! But I have had another offer窶ヲ This guy lives locally to me, and he has interests in Death-Row. he窶冱 also connected to mobile phones! Could be interesting.

I窶况e been living hand to mouth working on different ideas for a few years now窶ヲ I窶冦 hope my luck changes soon!

Thanks again for your posts.

Wow, the site is great. But much of it isn't online yet, or did i miss something? Well, the death row goes for dates, i got that...
got the site this time and I had a giggle at some of the death row inmates ,, great stuff!
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