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Hi everybody, new member here!

7 Apr 2004
🍾 WAHOO! let's celebrate! Hey everyone! I am eternal_dreamz, and I am very excited to be a new member of these forums...I am sure I will have a good time and meet cool people! BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :p 🍾 😄 🙂 😄 :giggle:

Konnichiwa! Hajimemashite! I am Cat, the local Ko-Neko of jref! ^^ If you need anything or just want to talk you can PM or IM me anytime k? I hope you like it here. Well see you around! ^^ 🙂
hey! welcome eternal_dreamz! now we have two cool people with "eternal" in their name!!!!!!!!!! have a good time!
Yo, yo, yo, Eternal_Dreamz! Yoroshiku, and welcome to the convo! Enjoy your stay here, and have fun!
Hey there, you'll have a good time here, i feel pretty new here with the new format and all !! I havent posted for like 10 months !
Hello all. Glad to see u all here
I'm a new member here. I hope u can help me to give me an information about Japan.
I liked Japan.

arigato gozaimas.
I am new here also

Hi I am new here also, this forum looks very informative I am very excited to have found it. I am 29 years old I work in information technology. I love Hello Kitty (kitty chan) and San-X characters and pretty much everything kawaii!! I am interested in Anime and Manga I particularly like yaoi. On a somewhat more serious note I am interested in modern Japanese culture and the Japanese outlook on life and concepts like wabi sabi I feel that this is a more realistic outlook on life.

I don't know if that made any sense in Japanese, I was rambling on a lot. Joking but seriously there are people who talk because they feel they need to and those who talk because they have somethign to say.

And there are language students who should try to talk as much as possible to try to improve their language skills ;)
SoCal Girl - new to Japan & forum

Hey everyone... recently moved to Japan to teach English for a year or two or?? From California originally but consider myself a citizen of the world, ya know "home is wherever I unpack my suitcase" !

Enjoying my experiences so far...
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