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Hi everyboby, am new here.


29 Jan 2003

Hi everybody, i'm new here.
I'm Francesco, form Italy, and i must thank who gave me the link of this forum.
I am so curious abaut japanese culture and life, as i know japan just from mangas(manga? mangas? how's the plural in english? :confused: ).

Anyway i hope to find new friends in this community, as i hope you all to enjoy my company


Hello! Nice to meet you!!Welcome here!!
Konnichiwa! Hajimemashite!! Yokoso!!

you're Italian!!great!!cool!!
I love Italy because, it has many artists like Raphael or Da Vinci,
delicious foods, nice clothes and many other stuffs I love.

And especially, Azzurri!!
They camped in my city during World Cup Qualifying.
I went to the stadium to see their practice game!
They were all polite and Pippo!!!!!!He's soooooo nice guy!

anyway, you'll get many friends and informations about Japan!
Have fun!!🙂
Guess what?
I'm back. Well, not like i'm here to stay long but it's been a pleasure to recive a mail for my birthday from the forum admin.
I'll try to partecipate more.
Welcome ~ ^_^
It seens that you know few about Japan~ you will know a lot when you stay here ~~ ^_^

Welcome back. 🙂 When I saw the original post date I thought someone was resurrecting old intro posts.
Welcome back! This forum's always got interesting discussions, so you're bound to find something to talk about. See you around!
Hello Kilit! Nice to meet you! :joyful: I hope you enjoy the forum and find the time to participate! :)
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