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hi all please read this


22 Dec 2003
Hi guys out there I'm planning to buy the PSX and I wanted to know all in all how many games does they have manufacture thru the years
I like you to help me if that console game is good and is it enjoyable even though its not very fame

could you email me of posible things bye
AT [email protected]
there have been a lot of games thru the years
yeah the console its good,cause they have so many games to the psx,the graphic is good,the games who are funniest are were you can play more than 1 player,what i think.

tony hawk,metal gear solid,final fantasy,these games i think is the biggest and best :)
Well i remember io saw a chart of psx games made for u.s.a use was about 500+

But if you into imports of course it will double.
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