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Hi all Just moved into Yokohama


13 Jan 2003
Hi my name is Edward and have just moved into Yokohama area. Would like to maka some friends in this area.
I am from the U.K. I am now teaching but am a Chef.
Hope to meet.
Hi Edward, welcome aboard! 🙂

Chef in Yokohama, sounds interesting... hope you are going to tell us more about it or share some recipes, lol!
Hi Edward !

Welcome to the forum !

What kind of food do you cook ?

I've been living in Tokyo for a year and a half. I don't know Yokohama very well, but if you have any inquiry about Tokyo, don't hesitate !

What made you come to Japan ?
hi thanks for the reply.
I'm a pastry chef, meaning I mostly cook all sorts of sweets etc love to post some of my recipes and ideas in this forum if I may?. At the moment I'm studying some Japanese cooking.
I'm not working as a chef at the moment, I'm teaching English with a company called WinBe I enjoy it but would hope to get back into the Kitchen.
I came to Japan from Hong Kong because my girlfriend is Japanese.
How about you? like to here more about your life in Japan etc.
Regards Ed.
Konnichiwa edkeyte-san!

Hi Edward, welcome to Japan and this forum!

You are a pastry chef! I like a Western confectionery but I don't like Japanese confectionery. Japanese confectionery don't suits my taste.
I'm a Japanese and am live in Japan. But I live in Kansai-area and I don't know Kantou-area thoroughly, sorry.

I came to Japan for the same reason as you. I got married with my Japanese girlfriend last year. I am also teaching English (and French and sometimes Italian as well) for the moment, until my Japanese is good enough to find something else. I am not working for a school, but teach company classes or priavte lessons only.
Wow!! this is a fast moving forum. thanks for all your replies.
When I say I've just moved to Yokohama, I've been in Japan for just over a year, I've lived in Tama city and Shin koiwa for a short time but when I first got here I was staying in Kyoto which is where my girl friend is from.

Congratulations on your marriage Maciamo I've been with my girl friend for 3 years but her family is having difficulty about her getting married to a Gaijin, never mind I'll get there.
Hey what's it like teaching to company classes?

Hi Nangi!! what part of Kansai are you from? your English is good.
Konnichiwa Edkeyte-san!

Thanks! But I think that your Japanese is better than my English.
I live in Hyougo, near the Kobe. I had lived in Osaka once. But I haven't lived in Kyoto.:p

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