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hi aaallll im new here


11 Sep 2003

im a gurl, my name is stephanie from florida& im almost 22 ill b on sep 17>>so dont 4get my birthday


i'd love to make friends from japan...

😌 😌 😌

plz evrey 1 welcome me..👏
Konnichiwa Kimmy001-san!

Hi Stephanie, welcome and Hajimemashite. Please enjoy the forum.🙂


watasji no namae Lyn desu ^_^ Im 17 and a japanese fan martial arts anime manga J pop J rock are my thing I love video games too (Rpgs the best) err ^_^ I hope to get along with everyone ツャツャ sorry about my english ^^ south america is not the best place to learn or practice english (or any other language :p) well I guess Ill see you around Oyasuni nasai! :sorry:
hiya lyn and welcome, i must say im impressed a girl that likes kung fu and anime as well as plays video games, plus the other things, is hard to come by. no need to apologize for your english, its very good.
;_; it keeps sending me out

I cant post ive been at it like 15 minutes and it keeps asking me for my user name and password

anyways Im not into kung fu ^_^; Im into japanese martial arts aikido kendo najunata thats my thing;)
If you like J music

Im looking for siam shade Fine weather day lyrics ^_^ if someone can help dommo arigatou gozaimasu ^_^
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