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You know whats good?

Smoking a cig after a 3 year hiatus.

So much for quitting. Meh, nobody likes a quitter anyway.
Ghost, which song did you hear?

Um, and Winter.. are you serious? After 3 years? Gee... it REALLY must have been GOOD.
"Last Song" really is good. It's one of his new songs. Try something a bit older, too. These are my favs: Dears, Vanilla, Illness illusion, Asrun Dream.. (Well, the whole Mars album. It's perfect!) Mizテゥrable, Dooms Day, Seki-ray, Missing. ... so may... ;)
I like Mizテゥrable best, I think it's one of his best songs. His newer stuff isn't bad but I like when he was still with Malice Mizer.
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