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13 Dec 2003
im looking for a japaneze car that can be modified to look good but wont cost an arm and a leg. anyone got an idea of what i should look for(something 20,000k and under)?
He said modified to "look good" which imho rules out the Civic... 8-p But if you like to tool around a lot under the hood and are on a limited budget, then the Civic is definitely the "Lego" car of choice as it is relatively affordable and easy to upgrade.
Best choice by far: 1994-96 Nissan 300ZX Twin Turbo. One of the best-looking cars to ever come out of Japan, and pretty damn fast too... all without any modifications. 👍 And you should be able to find a really pristine, low mileage one with your budget.

Also, Subaru WRX might be a good choice, you can find used ones these days for under $20k.
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