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22 Jul 2003
hi there,

my name's reiya, glad to have found this forum. some facts: i'm chinese-american, graduated from nyu with a bs in accounting and a minor in japanese last year, and am currently working in the finance dept of a media rep firm.

i've been interested in japanese pop culture since middle school, studied the language for 6 years during high school and college, and been to japan twice. i just got back from tokyo about 2 weeks ago- went sightseeing with a friend and also to watch the l'arc concert and do lots of shopping.

in the future, i plan on getting my cpa license and moving to tokyo for full time employment there. not too ambitious, no?

look forward to hearing from you.
hi everyone,

thanks for the welcome! right now, i'm concentrating on finding out more about the jlpt and seeing which level i should take. i've studied 6 years, up to advanced japanese 2, but i haven't really used it in the past year. any ideas? thanks~

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