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22 Jan 2003

My name is ben. I live in the Netherlands.
I still attend school, but I'm learning Japanese also.
I would like to know some more about Japanese culture.

Hi, and welcome aboard! 🙂

I believe there are other Dutch members, but without doubt, you two are the most active, lol. If you take a look at our country stats you'll notice that the NL rank pretty well.
Hey there, Ben. Gotta love ya, man, for giving me the chance to ask this question of so many Dutch folks at one time. The advantage of doing this on the interfeck is that there's obviously no chance of you lot lynching me and doing unpleasant and painful things to me. . .

So. Austin Powers in Goldmember. What did Dutch people think of the character Goldmember? I know a lot of Dutch people but have never had the courage to ask. Mostly because I'm always mimicking their accents anyway . . . I just can't help myself. Plus one bloke I know is so close to that character that I try not to talk to him anyway. He has a skin problem, and picks his scabs and eats them. He does it in front of everyone as if it's the most normal thing in the world. . .

Nothing to do with Japan, I know, but then that's not an unusual direction for threads to take on this forum, is it. . .

Oh, and hi again Ben. May I congratulate you on being a resident of one of the most literate and linguistically minded nations in the world. And no, I'm not just saying that to toady out of any implied insult I may have made when I said that thing about mimicking the Dutch accent. Not at all.
Well, i did see that movie a few days ago.
The accent was quite well done at times. Most older Dutch people, who did not have a proper English course, talk like that.

It had it's flaws though. A lot of words would just never be pronounced in the way Goldmember did, if he were really Dutch.

Actually, Goldmembers accent reminded me South-African at times, which also originates from the Dutch language, but then evolved into something rather unique.
Konnichiwa ben0a4-san!

Hi, and welcome! Thanks reply to my intro post. Yes, I'm new here too, Yoroshiku!

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