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3 Dec 2002
Hello there. I'm Chakan. I live in the US, in the center of the state of Ohio in a small, rural area (bigger cities aren't too far).

I've just begun studying Japanese on my own. I started about a week ago. I'm learning from various text books and websites. I spend an hour or two a day cramming in as much information as possible. I spent the past week reading and writing between calls at work, which turned out to be very helpful.

I like to play video games, exercise, read, write, and spend some daily quiet time with a nice glass of just about anything (water, alcohol, tea, soda...).

I just recently (the end of September) moved back in with my Mom at the age of 20 due to financial problems (stupid car!). I'm currently only seasonally employed as a telephone Customer Service representative. Once the holiday season ends, I've got to find a new permanent job.
Hi Chakan, once again welcome and good luck with your nihongo studies! 🙂
I appear to be in the same position job-wise my friend. My wife's company has recently filed for bankruptcy, and I need to take on a better paying job to cover our expenses.

Here's to us!
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