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Hey there, could I get some friendly advice?


30 Dec 2003
Well firstly i'm 20 yrs old and studying my last year of university, i'm from england and as what seems to be everyones ambition i am hoping to 'Teach English in Japan'.... what a suprise
i was just wondering if you kind folk could give me some advice as to the best known organisations are that i could use, the 'JET' programme has gone this yr so thats not an option but to be fair i'd rather do something a lil more realistic
anywho... await your reply
thanks all!

any known companies, information and advice is most most appreciated
also i was wondering as a teacher in japan what do you get called?
is it Mr.... or some other name system


Your best bet would probably be to just get your foot in the door with one of the big-name language schools that actively recruit year-round. Despite what some might say, it is in my opinion the single best way to get familiar with Japan until you feel comfortable enough to find a job more suitable to your own terms (which is much easier to do once you're actually IN Japan).

Companies like Geos, Nova, Berlitz, Aeon, and the American Language School are the biggest that come to mind. You could also subscribe to newsletters like O-Hayo Sensei for instance (or just request a free issue twice a month) which have a nice selection of job listings offered bi-monthly. There are also plenty of other ESL-related job sites for Japan like Dave's ESL Cafe and gaijinpot for starters. I have included the following links for your perusal, hope that helps.

Teach English in Japan | AEON - English Conversation School

O-Hayo Sensei: The Newsletter of (Teaching) Jobs in Japan
Home Page - ESL
Home - JobsInJapan.com
hey there
i'm at the University of Lincoln (Hull Campus)
but whilst not at uni i'm from Leicester
what about you?
incidently hull is the worst place in england

Happy New Yr
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