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10 Dec 2003
Well, the name's Jon, and the game's... well... I don't know what the game is, but I'll find out...

So yeah... I guess I got started into the Japanese culture after reading a series of books. I've got a bit of an obsession with dragons, and book 5 of a series was called The Dragon, so I had to read the first four before getting to it. And it turned out to be about samurais in a fictional Japan. It was a really well done series.

I've since adopted "Death Before Dishonor" as my was of life, after MUCH research into it. But it wasn't oo much of a change, since I already lived an "Honorable" life. And that led to the food, and then anime, which led to an interest in the language, then into the culture... So yeah, it started as one thing, and it snowballed into this. Not that it's bad.

So yeah, this is me, here I am, and now you know a little about me!!!
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