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Hey everyone!


9 Dec 2003
Hey everyone here!!!!!! Er...I just wanted to let you all know I am new here and hypertokyo5(if u guys know her)showed me this place, and I hope I can make friends!!!!! bye!👍 (i only did that smiley because it looked like it was poking itself in the eye!)
Well im New myself around this Parts.
But Welcome and i hope you will enjoy your stay AS much as i do.:D

Take care....
No Problem,I was wondering what kinds of things are you interested in?
Books,Movies,Girls.lol. Those kinds of things.
Plz tell.
lol..er...sports,anime manga, girls..lol.
Originally posted by Hidden_Wisdom
No Problem, I was wondering what kinds of things you are interested in?
Books, Movies, Girls. Lol. Those kinds of things.
Plz, tell.
hey MeiWAkU! Im quite new myself too. See ya around in posting. my name is Navi.
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