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Hey everyone!


12 Mar 2003
Well well.. I've never been good with these :eek:

But to tell you something about myself:

I'm 16 years old japan freak from finland, been really interested about japan since I was about 3, at least according to my mom, my own memories of that time a are a bit fuzzy :p

Even tho I've been interested in Japan for quite a long time, I've been a bit lazy about trying to study the language... but in the last few months I realized that I really need to do something about that, so I'm starting my japanese lessons next september (can't wait!). This "learn japanese with dictionary" was starting to get bit hard anyway :p (yea I know, that way is no good).

My interest on japan got started when I saw my first anime... so I could say that at the beginning the only thing I knew about japan was that it's the country that provides lots of anime, and I loved it. Then when I got a little bit older, I started to get interested about the culture, and now, the culture is the main reason why I like japan... anime's still high on my list too :D

Well... that's all I can think of now.
I sure hope to learn new things about Japan from here, since I still have LOTS of things to learn due to my young age :)

(Must say this: Sorry about my "not-so-good" english, I hope you understand..)
Konnichiwa Hennagaijin-san!

Welcome and Hajimemashite. Are you Hennagaijin? strange foreigner? Hahaha... it's me too.:D
If you wish learn Japanese, please post on Nihongo Cabinet Forum in Japanese. Writing Japanese is a shortcut to learn Japanese.

Yoroshiku ne.🙂

Originally posted by NANGI
Are you Hennagaijin? strange foreigner?

hehe, I quess I am... I find it quite funny, the way I got this name ;)

My parents have a friend who is from japan, hes been living in finland for many many years tho... Well that friend got married (with a japanese woman) and invited us for a dinner there.
His wife didn't know much finnish, and then at the dinnertable I must have said something he found weird or funny, since he started laughin (not loudly) and said "hennagaijin", I didn't know what that meaned, but right after she said it his husband started to laugh a bit too ;)
So I got curious and asked what hennagaijin means, and the man told me that it ment "weird foreigner", that's how I got my name
Greetings and welcome 👏

I'm sure you'll find a great many things in common to discuss with fellow enthusiasts. Enjoy your stay.
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