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Hey everyone! Star here.. x


22 Nov 2002
Hey there!

I've been around for a few days posting random messages about J-rock, anime and computer games so thought I'd finally post a quick hello here to introduce myself. So.. konnichiwa!

I'll probably end up posting on most of the boards because I'm interested in pretty much all aspects of Japanese culture. I'm learning the language now (can read hiragana and am currently learning katakana). My favourite band is Dir en Grey and I love Japanese RPG's especially Final Fantasy. I'm currently taking a research postgrad for which I'm studying traditional and popular Japanese music - its a composition based project so I'll be writing pieces based of what I learn from Japanese music. My idol composer is Nobuo Uematsu who wrote the music for the Final Fantasy games so I hope to one day write music for similar games and aspire to be as good as him one day. Of course, in an ideal world I'd be the lead singer in a rock band but am having trouble getting a band together let alone getting famous!

I'm also due to visit Japan for a minimum of a month this coming spring as part of my research so it would be great to meet people who live there both Japanese and non to meet while I'm out there - might make the whole experience a little less terrifing!

Anyway, hope to chat to you all soon.


Welcome to J-ref Midnitestar7!

Well... I'm pretty new here myself, but I have found tons of incredibly interesting topics to post to here. And the people at J-ref are absolutely the very best on the net (in my humble opinion).

You mentioned that you are "interested in pretty much all aspects of Japanese culture," so if you ever want to involve in any of the threads posted on the "Religion in Japan" forum then please feel free to do so.

Well, I am really interested in Japanese religions. Got a couple of books that I've been reading through. You see, generally I'm not a religious person.. rather, Christianity in general just hasn't appealled to me and I don't beleive in the things they do and find myself generally more drawn to paganism (yes, dabbled in wicca.) The thing is though that I feel something's missing by not having faith in anything and the only religions that really make more sense to me are that of zen and shintoism. I need to learn more really so I'll definately check out the board.

Hey welcome from me too🙂 I cant seem to get on the board at all (every second week) because of my husbands work schedual, I should have welcomed you sooner and for that I apoligise😊 🙂 when My husband gets an enitre week-end off work I cant seem to pursuade him to get off this machine lolol,, but thats what happens when he "can do what he likes" and I am left running my entire world lolol,,joke!!!! 😄
again welcome midnitestar7🙂
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