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Hey everybody!!!


12 Nov 2002
Wow, this site looks awesome!!! I'd just like to say hi to everyone....I'm super-interested in Japan and Japanese culture...I'm American but i don't fit the stereotype;)
twisted: I'm pretty sure that others do say that but i've also been told the same:) Now lay off or i'll bomb and colonize you:)
Hi Jon 🙂 and welcome to the forum from me too!🙂

Did somebody mention "Bomb and colonize" in the one sentence?? lolol😊 (joke):D
Again welcome Jon:)
You people are so welcoming!!! I love it. So has everyone here been to Japan??? If so, where??? Why???
Check out the flags under each persons name area. I think these are set in the profile of the board. I've learned a few new flags this way.

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